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Damasco Bakery1948 -2023

The Abu Al-Haija family has always been involved in the manufacture of biscuits and pastries from the beginning of the nineteenth century. In 1948, the Abu Al-Haija family moved to the Syrian capital Damascus, where the second generation started to work.

Our company was founded there and had the honor of establishing the first bakery to use electric machines in production. Several bakeries were opened that used innovative ways in packaging and marketing while maintaining the quality and taste, which resulted in the spread of the products in Damascus, the countryside, and then to the rest of the Syrian provinces. With the continuation of developing our products, our goal was to reach new markets at the regional and international level to start exporting products as the first step to Arab countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan.

In the year 2018, Damasco industrial bakery for the production of biscuits and pastries was founded in the Netherlands by the third generation of the family, and in the year 2021 we moved to the new industrial bakery, which to date is one of the biggest industrial bakeries in the world, and the biggest in the European Union for the production of cakes, pastries and Arabic sweets (Damasco), where we are working to ensure that all processes of our production can ensure quality and excellence while maintaining originality and delicious taste by using advanced machines and technologies in a professional and fast manner, using our long experience in this field as the company has a professional team of experts in Arabic sweets and pastry making, in addition to our administrative, financial, logistics, design and marketing experts. Three generations have come together in Damasco Bakery to guarantee creativity, originality, professionalism, perfection, and modernity in the working style.


Damasco Bakery is committed to focus on quality. Therefore, we decided to modernize our company to meet international requirements.We would like to officially announce that Damasco Bakery has obtained the Dutch Hygienecode Certificate.


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